RecycleForce Obtains R2 and RIOS Certification

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RecycleForce Obtains R2 and RIOS Certification

We are happy to announce that we had a successful audit last week and we have obtained our R2 and RIOS certifications! 

The R2 and RIOS certifications are for electronics recyclers to demonstrate that electronics are being recycled with the highest standards for data privacy, environmental controls, employee health and safety and corporate responsibility.

What is an R2 certification?

R2 stands for Responsible Recycling. The Responsible Recycling Practices were developed to promote adoption of environmentally responsible practices throughout the electronics recycling industry. An R2 certification addresses environmental, health and safety management system, worker health and safety, material management and recovery, tracking and accountability, data security and insurance requirements.

What is a RIOS certification?

RIOS stands for Recycling Industry Operating Standard. It is a comprehensive quality, environment and health and safety integrated management system standard. It combines major operational and continual improvement elements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 28001. RIOS helps us achieve operational efficiencies. 

When an organization has both R2 and RIOS certifications, you can be assured that there is an audited management system in place with a framework for processes, procedures and improvements. Our customers benefit because we are trained in how to respond to customer needs, changing regulations and advances in technology. 

With 20-50 million tons of electronic waste being dumped into landfills around the world each year, it is important to recycle your e-waste, as it can release toxic emissions and pose a serious health and environmental hazard. Industry certification programs such as R2 and RIOS set the standards for safer recycling and disposal of electronic waste.




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