Success Stories

  • Emanuel Alexander
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    Emanuel Alexander

    Never too late to make a change

    Emanuel Alexander has had a hard life. He grew up in a home where his parents were substance abusers and his only outlet for camaraderie came from the streets. Eventually, this led him on a path resulting in drug addiction and prison time. But you won't hear Emanuel complain or blame anyone for the choices he made. He takes full responsibility for his past actions -- and he's taken complete command of his present life. Listen to Emanuel's story to find out why this ex-felon considers himself to be "blessed" and learn how RecycleForce has turned him into a "man" in every respect.

  • Brian Seins
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    Brian Seins

    Recycling People

    Brian Seins was serving time on a felony drug charge -- estranged from his young daughter and looking at several more years behind bars. While in prison, Brian worked to get his life on track, taking classes and earning his GED. Then the call came from his case manager -- he was being let out on work release. Through the Apollo 13 program, Brian found RecycleForce, where he now works as a shift supervisor. Listen to Brian's story to learn how RecycleForce has helped him become a supportive father and a productive team member on staff at RecycleForce. As Brian puts it, RecycleForce "recycles people" -- breaking them down and building them back up to be stronger than before.